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Christine Dugoin-Clément was invited to the debate organised by "C dans l'air" (in French, 7th April 2022), on the evolution of the conflict in Ukraine. See it  here
Christine Dugoin-Clément was invited to the debate organised by "C dans l'air" (in French, 17th March 2022) on the Russia-Ukraine conflict. See it on youtube here
Christine Dugoin-Clément interviewée by Konbini News (4th March 2022) abour the  Russian nuclear dissuasion
Didier Chaudet interviewed by the show "All About Money" on the Hong Kong International Business Channel, on politics and security in Kazakhstan (in English, 20th January 2022)
Talk divided in two parts en deux parties : Part 1 here, Part 2 here
Russia-Ukraine : should NATO intervene l'OTAN? 
Christine Dugoin-Clément debated of this subject for the political show 28 Minutes on Arte (3rd December 2021, in French)
Could France has an influence in the new Afghanistan? 
Didier Chaudet interviewed by the Club France Initiative, 18th September 2021 (in French)
NSA : why spying allies?  
Christine Dugoin-Clément was interviewed by the political show 28 Minutes on Arte (2nd June 2021, in French)
Why France is the target of cyberattacks 
Christine Dugoin-Clément was invited by "28 Minutes" (Arte, 19th February 2021, in French)
See the debate here
Health, ecology : should we fear the 5G?
Christine Dugoin-Clément was invited by the TV Show "28 minuts" (Arte, in French, 16th September 2020)
Watch the debate here
Mathieu Boulègue, head of the CAPE's Eurasian program, Sogdiane
12th February 2016
Nicolas Bizel, EU Delegation in Belgrade
10 décembre 2015
Nicolas Bizel, EU Delegation in Belgrade
26 novembre 2015
Nicolas Bizel, EU Delegation in Belgrade
3th November 2015
Didier Chaudet
France 24, 14th October 2015
Didier Chaudet
France 24, 13th October 2015

Pakistan: the 'weaponization' of Pakistani society
Didier Chaudet
France 24, 09 june 2015

Patricia Lalonde
Universal Peace Federation, 3rd December 2013

Iran, Let's Talk" (Part.2)
Didier Chaudet
France 24, 16 October 2013

Iran, Let's Talk" (Part.1)
Didier Chaudet
France 24, 16 October 2013

US-Iran: time to talk?
Didier Chaudet
France 24, 17 September 2013

Afghanistan: understanding the regional environment - The Interview, France 24
Didier Chaudet
France 24, 14 August 2013

Afghanistan: quel impact régional? - L'Entretien de France 24
Didier Chaudet
France 24, 14 August 2013

Al Qaeda and US: How Terrorism is reshaping our lives" (Part 2)
Didier Chaudet
France 24, 07 August 2013

Al Qaeda and US: How Terrorism is reshaping our lives" (Part 1)
Didier Chaudet
France 24, 07 August 2013

Didier Chaudet
Conference for the Middle East Institute (MEI), National University of Singapore (NUS), 5 November 2012 

Vidéo France 24 - Triple bombings target Shiite Muslims
8 December 2011

Vidéo France 24 - Florida – Koran burning: fanning the flames
05 april 2011

Vidéo France 24 - Is the government losing control in Pakistan?
04 april 2011

Vidéo France 24 - Tempers flare over Raymond Davis case
23 march 2011

Vidéo France 24 - Pakistani Christians grieve for their Minorities Minister
23 march 2011

Vidéo France 24 - 'Hell on Earth' - are coalition troops making a difference in Helmand Province? Objectif espace Schengen
23 march 2011

Vidéo France 24 - Civilian cost of Afghan war
18 october 2010

Vidéo France 24 - Army fights to stop control of Swat Valley changing hands
31 August 2010

Vidéo France 24 - Will Islamist aid increase Islamist recruits?
20 August 2010

Vidéo France 24 - Pakistan floods: where is Zardari?
08 August 2010


Press (selection)  newspaper

Didier Chaudet interviewed by the French Catholic newspaper La Croix about the attitude of the Taliban towards education for young women in Afghanistan (23rd March 2022) : read the article here
Christine Dugoin-Clément interviewed by le Monde (1st March 2022, in French) about the article "Kiev ou Kyiv? Le dilemme des médias français" [Kiev or Kyiv? The French media confronted to Ukrainian culture and language]
Christine Dugoin-Clément explained how Russia deals with information to the website inCyber, (21st December 2021, in French)
Christine Dugoin-Clément was interviewed by France Info about the tensions between Russia and Ukraine
See the interview here, in French (17th December 2021) 
Christine Dugoin-Clément interviewed by the newspaper L'Opinion, about Russia's capacity to project its influence (in French, 12nd December 2021)
Afghanistan : could we avoid one of the worst humanitarian crisis in recent History? l'une des pires crises alimentaires au monde peut-elle être évitée?
Didier Chaudet interviewed by TV5 Monde (17th November 2021, in French)
Internet as a Dictatorship?
Christine Dugoin-Clément interviewed by RSE Magazine (20th October 2021, in French)
Afghanistan ruled by the Taliban : could it be a diplomatic opportunity for Turkey? : Didier Chaudet interviewed by Slate (30th September 2021, in French)
Nicolas Bizel was interviewed by Euractiv to talk about the consequences of the refugees crisis for Serbia, the role of the EU and the future of migration policy in this country - Link to the Article
Nicolas Bizel,, 13 April 2018
Nicolas Bizel, EurasiaProspective, 02 June 2017
Nicolas Bizel, Serbian Monitor, 3 march 2017

Christine Dugoin, a geopolitical analyst for the CAPE, was quoted by Today's Zaman here (5th February 2015)

L'Iran face à la situation afghane: un rapprochement possible avec les Occidentaux ?
Didier Chaudet
Huffington Post, 22 September 2012

Les talibans et la polio: l'émergence d'une nouvelle arme
Didier Chaudet
Huffington Post, 7 august 2012

L'extrême-droite pakistanaise est-elle une menace pour les Etats-Unis?
Didier Chaudet
Huffington Post, 3 July 2012

Quand la Chine et la Russie veulent faire entendre leur différence à l'échelle internationale
Didier Chaudet
Huffington Post, 26 June 2012

En finir avec la diabolisation du Pakistan
Didier Chaudet
Le Monde, 10 May 2011

Kaboul, les raisons d'un combat
Didier Chaudet
La Tribune, 15 september 2008

Qui sont les néo-taliban?
Didier Chaudet
L'Humanité, 09 september 2008

La Chine face à la menace islamiste
Didier Chaudet
Le Figaro, 5 august 2008


Radio (selection)  radio

Christine Dugoin-Clément was invited to the debate organised by "Débat du Jour" (RFI, in French), on Russia's situation following the conflict with Ukraine
Listen to the debate here
Didier Chaudet interviewed by Julie Gacon for the geopolitical show "Les Enjeux Internationaux" (France Culture, 10th March 2022, in French), on the terrorist attacks in Pakistan organised by the IS-K (Islamic State in the Khorasan) and the TTP (Pakistani Taliban)
Christine Dugoin-Clément interviewed par l'émission by France Culture (4th March 2022), on the cyber side of the Russia-Ukraine conflict
Christine Dugoin-Clément interviewed by the geopolitical show "13/14" (France Inter, 7th February 2022, in French, on the tensions between Russia and Ukraine
Can the talibans' Emirate be seen as a legitimate regime? Talibans : Didier Chaudet debated of this subject during the political show "Cultures Monde" on France Culture (1st November 2021, in French)
Afghanistan under the Taliban : what does it mean for Russia and China ? 
Didier Chaudet interviewed for the political talk show Cultures Monde on France Culture, 31st August 2021 (in French)
The American army left Afghanistan : an analysis by Didier Chaudet for France Culture, 30th August 2021 (in French)
Afghanistan : who could support the Taliban? 
Didier Chaudet interviewed by TV5 Monde (29th August 2021, in French)
Afghanistan : the Taliban as a nationalist and nativist force? 
Didier Chaudet interviewed by TV5 Monde (27th August 2021, in French)
Who are the Taliban's allies?  : Didier Chaudet interviewed by the talk show "La Question du Jour", on France Culture, 17th August 2021 (in French)
Are the Taliban as ideologically unified as we think they are? : Didier Chaudet interviewed by Radio Vatican (16th August 2021, in French)
From Afghanistan to Irak, the American renuncements (in French)
Didier Chaudet was invited by the radio show Cultures Monde, on France Culture, to talk about Iran-US relations related to the Afghan issue (5th May 2021) 
To listen to the debate, click here
Cybersecurity : an analysis of the targets 
Christine Dugoin-Clément was invited by the radio show Le Temps des Débats, on France Culture (24th April 2021)
Listan to the interview here
From Bichkek to Nursultan, the rise of the Chinese influence
Didier Chaudet was invited in this debate on France Culture to talk about Chinese policy towards Afghanistan (18th November 2020, in French)
Listen to the debate here

France Culture: Analysis of Chinese geopolitics (in French)

Didier Chaudet, 9th September 2015


Radio Vatican: Afghanistaion struck by terrorist attacks (in French)

Didier Chaudet, 10th August 2015


France Culture, CulturesMonde: Afghanistan: 2015, the rise of the Taliban? (in French)

Didier Chaudet, 2 janvier 2015 


France Culture, CulturesMonde: IS and the jihadist nebula (in French)

Didier Chaudet, 21 novembre 2014


France Culture, CulturesMonde: from Karachi to Waziristan, the Pakistani army and the Pakistani Taliban (in French)

Didier Chaudet, 13 juin 2014


Radio Vatican : "Moldavie: le pays le plus pauvre d'Europe a enfin un président"

Florent Parmentier

17 march 2012


Radio Vatican : "Le grand oral de Medvedev avant la présidentielle de 2012"

Florent Parmentier
18 mai 2011


RFI - Asie Centrale : Terrain de rivalités entre l'Est et l'ouest
Didier Chaudet

06 février 2010