Who are we ?

The Center for the Analysis of Foreign Policy (CAFP) / Centre d'Analyse de la Politique Etrangère (CAPE) is a think tank dedicated to the promotion of the European Union as a leading force in international relations. Its analysis focus on European Affairs as well as on international events - The CAFP's vision 

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CAFP Founding members and contributors

Baptiste Caruana

Assistant of the Director of publication, in charge of the publications on CAPE's website.

Pavel Kowaleski

Graduated in French and Polish business schools, Pavel Kowaleski works in the banking sector in Varsaw. Specialized in corporate finance, he has given lectures in this area. Member of pro-european associations in his country, he is committed to defend Europe as a power. He has written many articles and has participated in conferences on this specific topic.

Christine Dugoin-Clement

Christine Dugoin-Clement is an auditor of the 67th national session of the High Studies Institut of Defence Policy. 

A geopolitical analyst working in particular with the think tank "Sogdian", she is specialized in Russia, the post Soviet and the balkanic areas, where she makes regular fieldworks. 
She is also is a member of the think tank IDEFIE (Initiative for the developpement of french expertise internationally and in Europe)

Mohamed Troudi

Me Troudi has a PhD in Law; he graduated from Paris I Sorbonne University; he is now a Researcher in international and strategic relations, associated with AGP, the Academia of Geopolitics in Paris. He teaches law, international relations, and geopolitics in the Arab world.

He has published around forty academic articles related to geopolitics and geostrategy. He wrote, with others, two books: The geopolitical dictionary on Islamism (Bayard, in French), and another one on the Republican idea around the world (L’Harmattan, in French). He works with numerous academic journals in France, like “Geostrategics”, “African Geopolitics”, or “The Eastern Notebooks”.

He also works with “Geopolitica”, the first geopolitical journal in Romania. He is a member of this institution. He is also a member of the Advisory Board of the journal “Revista De Studii Media”, a publication from Hyperion University in Romania. 

Nicolas Bizel

Graduated from Sciences Po Paris and from University Paris Dauphine, founder and former President of the Association Sciences Po Finance, Nicolas Bizel is official at the European Commission and lecturer at Sciences Po Paris. He is specialized in economic analysis as well as in European budget matters. He is also a specialist of quetions relating to the EU Policy towards its neighbors. 

Didier Chaudet

Didier Chaudet is a geopolitical specialist. He mainly focuses on the Afghan regional environment (Iran, Pakistan, post-Soviet Central Asia). He is a regular contributor for the Huffington Post, focusing mostly on security-related issues and diplomatic evolutions in said environment. He has been the Head of the Program on Iran and South Asia for IPSE (Institute for Prospective and Security in Europe, a French think tank) since June 2013. Before that he was the Researcher in charge for Pakistani affairs at ISAS (Institute for South Asian Studies) at the National University of Singapore (2012-2013), a Research Fellow at IFRI (French Institute for International Relations, in Paris) in charge of Central Asia and Afghanistan (2008), and a Lecturer at Sciences Po Paris, teaching on Central and South Asian affairs, as well as on International Relations (2007-2011). Between October 2013 and March 2015, he lived mostly in Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan (and made short term fieldworks in Central Asia) focusing on the impact of post-2014 Afghanistan on its regional environment. 

Laurent Coligny

Journalist, binational (French/Canadian), he works on Eurasia, American foreign policy, and French politics. He mostly lives in a post-Soviet country nowadays.

Mathieu Armet

He is an analyst specialized on Central Asia and Eurasian affairs. He has worked so far as a specialist of such issues for IPSE (Institute for Prospective and Security in Europe). Nowadays he mostly works on Belarus, post-Soviet Central Asia, and diplomatic evolutions in post-Soviet Eurasia.

Romain Mielcarek

Specialized in defense and international policies, Romain Mielcarek works as an independant journalist for several medias such as Radio France Internationale (RFI), Défense et Sécurité Internationale (DSI), Slate or even the confidential letter TTU. His research focuses on psyops, manipulation, propaganda or conflict narratives.

His blog: www.guerres-influences.com

Mathieu Boulègue

Mathieu Boulègue is a partner for the risk management and business consulting firm AESMA, where he works as Director of Eurasian operations. Russian speaker and trained as a security analyst in the field of post-soviet affairs (Russia, CIS, Central Asia, Caucasus), he provides services and solutions in business consulting, strategic research, and risk management on Eurasian issues. He graduated from Sciences Po Toulouse and King’s College London (M.A. International Conflict Studies) and regularly publishes articles and papers on Eurasian security & foreign policy questions. He is also the vice-president of Sogdiane, a strategic think-tank focusing on Eurasia and post-soviet studies.

Other contributors

Patricia Lalonde

Patricia Lalonde is in charge of European and International Affairs for the French political party "Parti Radical", one of the constituting parties of UDI (Union of Democrats and Independents). She is also leading an NGO focusing on defending women's rights in the Muslim world. She wrote two books about Afghanistan, in French: Paris-Kabul, diary of a indignant woman, and Abdullah Abdullah, the man who says no to the Taliban (with Anne-Marie Lizin, Honorary President of the Belgian Senate)  

Akhmed Rahmanov

Akhmed Rahmanov is an Uzbek specialist of geopolitics. He is the founder of the blog http://geopolitika.uz. It attracts many analysts on international issues eager to write in Uzbek, making of this website one of the most interesting of this Central Asian nation on international affairs. He graduated from the National University of Uzbekistan, the French Institute of Geopolitics, and INALCO.

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